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Snowdrop Valley

A belated 'Happy New Year' to all our guests - past, present and future.

The year has certainly started well, with lots of reservations coming in for 2020 and even 2021!! I wish I was that well organised.

We have been busy preparing for our Snowdrop Valley tearoom, which opens on 25th January for 4 weeks. We already have a freezer full of homemade Leek, Potato & Onion and Curried Parsnip & Apple soups (I think they taste better when they've been frozen) and the cake preparations are underway. This year we are trying a couple of new recipes, one of which is a gluten free chocolate cake that has been highly recommended by our good friend (and 'chief washer-upper' throughout Snowdrop), Trish.

Last year we managed to make all our cakes gluten-free without compromising on taste and many of our customers said they would never have known if we hadn't told them.

So why not come and try some for yourself? We highly recommend the Somerset Apple Cake, Lemon Drizzle (with extra drizzle!!) and our scones are fantastic (so we've been told) ;-)

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