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We may be keeping a respectful distance but that doesn't mean we cannot be sociable.

Our operating procedures provide the safe environment you are entitled to and allow us to deliver the friendly personal service we have become known for.

Summary of our Safety Procedures

Whilst no-one is able to guarantee that their home is 100% free from Coronavirus, we are taking every precaution to ensure that the risk here at Exmoor House is at an absolute minimum.


​In order to ensure this:​

  • We have implemented procedures that respect social distancing without being anti-social

  • We have reduced the chances of the virus entering the property by allowing guests who are concerned they may have the virus to reschedule their reservation free of charge

  • Our check-in procedure promotes safe distancing whilst ensuring you have all the information you need for a great stay with us

  • We're lucky to have a large dining room so that tables can be suitably distanced and time slots will operate, as per usual. The food will, of course, be to its usual excellent standard

  • We have always received great reviews for the standard of cleaning here but we have elevated our systems further to ensure rooms are thoroughly sanitised between guests and touch points in public areas are regularly disinfected throughout the day

  • We have removed excess furnishings from the rooms (throws, cushions, ornaments) to reduce risk

  • We will not be refreshing rooms on a daily basis unless specifically requested so that, if you are staying for several nights, you will be the only people accessing your room. We are happy to provide replacements or top-ups for any items that have been used (tea, coffee, toilet rolls etc)

  • There is hand sanitiser at the entrance to the property and outside the dining room


We want everyone to stay safe and well.  The best way to do this is to minimise the risk of the virus entering the property.  So, if within 14 days of check-in you have

  • had Covid-19 symptoms

  • been tested positive for Covid-19

  • knowingly come in to close contact with someone who has had Covid-19 symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19

you will not be allowed to check-in and will be asked to return home as per Government guidelines on travelling.

If you cancel because of any of the above, you can reschedule your reservation free of charge.

If you exhibit virus symptoms or test positive while staying with us, you will be asked to check-out and return home as per Government guidelines on travelling

Should you be unable to travel and are required to self-isolate with us you will be charged for each additional night you spend with us.  You, and anyone staying in the same room, must remain in your bedroom during self-isolation.  We can arrange to have food and medical supplies delivered to your room, at an additional charge

Safe Check-in

We will contact you before your stay to check your expected arrival time. If it coincides with other guest arrivals we may ask you to arrive at a different time to allow space when checking in.

You will receive a digital registration form prior to arrival which will need to be completed before check in. It is a legal requirement for you to provide the address of where you will be staying for the 14 days following your stay with us.  You will also be required to scan the QR code.

Your disinfected room key will be ready for you at check in.




A scrumptious, freshly prepared breakfast is one of the great joys of staying at Exmoor House.

As required, our tables will be socially distanced so they meet or exceed government guidelines.

You will be allocated a specific table to use and this will remain the same throughout your stay. Nobody other than you will use that table during your stay.

We will provide a comprehensive menu from which to choose your breakfast the night before, and a convenient time will be agreed with you.

Again, for safety, hand sanitiser is provided outside the breakfast room. Please use this both when you arrive downstairs and as you leave.

Any unused consumables will be removed at the end of the breakfast service and will be disposed of or disinfected and reused as appropriate.

All crockery, cutlery, and glassware (even if it has not been used) will be washed and sanitised at a high temperature in a dishwasher.

After the breakfast service we will thoroughly clean the breakfast room, after which it will not be accessible until the following morning.

Enhanced Cleaning

We have always carried out the highest levels of cleaning at Exmoor House.  However, we are increasing sanitising frequency throughout the guest house. This will ensure our regime is amongst the best you will find anywhere.

Our enhanced cleaning and hygiene regime will include:

  • Disinfecting room and door keys before each guest arrives

  • Ensuring all hard surfaces and items are treated with approved products

  • Steam-cleaning soft furnishings between bookings

  • Removing decorative cushions, blankets, and bedspreads from bedrooms

  • Removing all consumables (tissue boxes, spare toilet rolls, bathroom items, teas, coffees etc) from guest rooms at the end of each stay and replacing with fresh, even if they have not been used

  • Laundering towels, face cloths and bathmats at above 60ºc

  • Ensuring that tea trays and their contents are removed from bedrooms between stays and washed at high temperatures before being re-assigned

  • Sending all bedlinen to be professionally laundered at 90ºc

In addition to the above, all our rooms will be deep cleaned between stays.

During your stay, in order to reduce the risk of the virus being brought in to the room,  we will not offer to refresh your room.  However, we are happy to service your room if specifically requested and will use PPE as appropriate.

Additional consumables (tea, coffee, fresh milk, toilet rolls etc) are available and can be collected at breakfast time.

Increased Air Circulation

We have increased the air circulation within the property as much as the Exmoor weather will allow. This is recommended to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Circulating air dissipates the droplets that transmit the virus more effectively than still air.

Windows to guest bedrooms will be left open (weather permitting) prior to your arrival. The kitchen window is fitted with an insect screen and will be left open throughout the breakfast service, and the external door to the breakfast room will be opened during the cleaning process after breakfast.

The back door to the property will be left open at intervals during the day, when we are present.

Sanitising Stations

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is located:

  • At the entrance to the property

  • Outside the breakfast room

Please use these stations when entering the property and also when entering and leaving the breakfast room.


We provide a freshly sanitised card machine for each transaction and we do not handle your credit/debit card

Checking Out 

We request that rooms are vacated by 10.30am on the day of departure in order to give us enough time to completely sanitise the room for the next guests.  Please leave your room key on the sideboard in the hallway.

Public Areas

We also ask that you do not congregate in the hallway and on the landings, as this may impede other guests' access.  For the comfort of all our guests we kindly request that masks are worn when moving throughout the house.

Cancellation Terms

The following is a summary of our terms. Full terms can be found on our T&Cs page


If we are required to close as a result of Covid-19 (or any other notifiable human disease) then we will refund all payments made in full, or you may elect to accept a full credit note valid against a future stay.

You will be required to cancel your booking if within 14 days of your due check-in date you have:

  • had Covid-19 symptoms

  • been tested positive for Covid-19

  • knowingly come into close contact with someone who has had Covid-19 symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19

In these circumstances you will be entitled to reschedule your stay free of charge.


In all other circumstances, if you cancel less than 7 days before arrival (or in the event of non-arrival) you will be charged for any outstanding balance on your entire booked stay.

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